This book tells the truth about taxpayers money being squandered by the Judge Managed Alternate Defense Services.
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Have you ever heard of the Alternate Defense Services (ADS)?

 Most people have not. If you Google “Orange County Alternate Defense Service” you will come up with a news article, ”Bad Detective” and a press release entitled “Justice System Linked To The Bermuda Triangle”


The reason you will not find anything about the Alternate Defense Services is that they operate “Covertly”. The ADS is a government agency formed to comply with The State Bar Of California Guidelines On Indigent Defense Services Delivery Systems (IDSDS). Those guidelines can be read in their entirety by clicking on the link at the left side of this page or the link below. The IDSDS Guidelines not only apply to the Public Defenders office or conflict attorneys handling indigent defendants, it applies to all indigent defendants of the court.

 Being a government agency the Alternate Defense Services, is required to  comply with the California Sunshine Laws. The Sunshine Laws emphasize transparency to the public regarding meetings, policies, finances, and structure. The California Sunshine Laws can be read by clicking the link on the left side of the page.

 Governmental agencies, such as the ADS should also be in compliance with the “State and Federal Anti-trust Acts”. These laws assure the public that there will be fair competition between businesses in contracting, and applies to all businesses including government agencies. The antitrust laws can be read by clicking the link on the left side of the page.

 The Alternate Defense Services was formed by the Orange County Board Of Supervisors (OCBOS) who are responsible for the ADS' existence and their compliance with Indigent Defense Services Delivery Systems standards and service to indigent defendants.

 However, both the ADS and the OCBOS are in violation of the IDSDS guidelines because the ADS is operating as a judicial organization, not a defense or independent organization as it is mandated in the IDSDS guidelines. When you read the article “Bad Detective”, you will understand why the IDSDS guidelines were created. The judiciary aspect of the court, I/.e., judges, should not have a hand in IDSDS services because judges are supposed to remain impartial in matters concerning defendants and defendant’s case strategy.

 The Judicial Code Of Ethics, located specifically in the “Canons”, outline the policies and procedures of  judges. The Code of Ethics in the Canon’s mandate that  judges must be impartial and avoid any appearance that they are not. The Code Judicial Of Ethics can be viewed by clicking on the link on the left side of the page.

 The Orange County Board of Supervisors and the Alternate Defense Services refuse to adopt the guidelines mandated by the California State Bar regarding the IDSDS. As a result, hundreds of thousands of tax payer funds are being wasted to maintain an ideology of power and control that existed everywhere before the IDSDS guidelines were established. An ideology that allows judges to choose investigators and experts, for pro per defendants regardless of the defendant’s the will and case strategy of the defendant. OCBOS and ADS are violating the public trust by not complying with the Sunshine Laws, and not creating  a public means to review their policies and procedures, which allows them to avoid scrutiny and having witnesses to their squandering of public funds. The judges continue to hand pick investigators and experts, who are friends , or patrons owing loyalty to department C5.

There is no protection to the public because the ADS is a judicial committee. They do not want the public to know how they operate or how your money is spent. They do not list their organization charter. They just exist because judges want to run the defense of indigent pro per defendants because they do not want pro per defendants to win their cases by representing themselves. Judges simply do not like pro per defendants acting in the same capacity as their legal colleagues who have gone to law school and have bar licenses enjoyed in a courtroom.


We at C. J. Ford Private Investigations are asking you the public to assist us in making the Orange County Board Of Supervisors and the ADS:


1. Comply with the policy set by the State Bar Of California Guidelines On Indigent Defense Services Delivery Systems. 

Create a defense base panel as outlined in the IDSDS; removing the judges from the middle of the indigent pro per defendants case.


2.     Comply with the Sunshine Laws.

 Make policies, organization structure, procedures, accounting and meeting schedules available for disclosure to the general public and the media.


3.     Comply with the Anti-Trust Laws. 

Create an open and fair procedure for procurement of government contracts for investigators and experts, and provide a list of  contractors for viewing by the public and pro per defendants.

 C. J. Ford Private Investigations will diligently work with the public or any other concerned group to continue to expose these unfair, unethical, and illicit practices until compliance is accomplished. We need your support. 


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