We need your help to put a stop to replace the Judge's Managed "Alternate Defense Services"!


This book tells the truth about taxpayers money being squandered by the Judge Managed Alternate Defense Services.


This is the official website for all the documentation involving Ford's investigation into the mismanagement of taxpayers dollars, and the inhumane treatment of indigent Pro per defendants. This investigation was triggered by a letter that Ford wrote to the Supervising Judge at Orange County Central Superior court. The letter was intended to have this judge looked into alleged unethical and illegal actions by one of the panel investigators appointed by this judge. The matter soon escalated into a full-scale investigation by Ford because after one year of this judge not investigating into these allegations by indigent Pro per defendants. A newspaper article entitled "The Bad Detective" came out in the Orange County Weekly that exposed the action by this detective, plus it exposed the fact that the Alternate Defense Services was not in fact a defense organization, but a judicial organization headed by the judges.

Retaliatory action by the judges against Ford was rapid and swift. Ford was eventually removed from the panel, and judges trying to note on record that Ford was under some type of criminal investigation, and was a unethical investigator and the county would not be calling on his services. This justified not appointing Ford on over 30 appointments of indigent Pro Per Defendant's that wanted to retain Ford because they trusted Ford and knew he would do the necessary work on their cases. 

Ford's latest retaliatory action against the judges for falsely documenting of public record fraudulent and false claims, is in a book called "Whistle Blowing Orange County Style". In This Book Ford exposes these allegations as false for everyone to read. This is why it is important to read this documentation because it gives the actual names of the judges, shows all of the documentation filed, gives a complete investigative report that was done by Ford. You can read for yourself the actual indigent Pro per defendants complaints to the district attorney's office and the judge that went unanswered. There is even audio taken by Ford that can be sent to you with the actual complaints by the incarcerated indigent Pro per defendants.

There is a lot of reading in this supportive documentation. You can decide for yourself by reading this evidence, how unfair and unethical, in some cases illegal the indigent Pro per defendants are treated by judges who were empowered to protect them. After studying and researching all of this material, if you would like to assist us in our struggle to replace the Alternate Defense Services, with a real panel of defense experts instead of judges, please sign our petition or send us an email if you would like to join the struggle. 

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